Agile Solutions

We view technology as a tool, not an end in itself. We believe our products and services should represent real value to our clients. The knowledge and experience of our people is the product we deliver through our solutions and services, giving our clients the assurance that we are giving our very best.

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Our Values


- Committed to acting with integrity at all times and is ethical in how it conducts its business.

- Treat its employees and customers as individuals and respects their diversity, experience, approach and ideas.

- Demonstrate a commitment to act with integrity and show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experience, styles, approaches and ideas.

- Personally commit to continuous improvement and be willing to change. Admit our mistakes and learn from them.

- We are fleet-of-foot - from the way that we develop new products, to the way that we enter new markets - because we are able to translate theory to action rapidly. We are a flexible company, able to grow, develop and adapt both in the long / medium term (strategically) and in the short term (at a moment’s notice).

- Our decisions and actions are based on honesty. We communicate openly and directly, are accountable for our actions, and deliver on commitments.

Our Mission


We have only one mission. And that is to see our clients and customers succeed in their business. For this, we work hard to give you the best IT solution and implementation that works with your business.

At our core is what we call our ” i-cubed” philosophy. And they are :

- inspire: Whether you have us as your IT partner or as an expert guidance, we work towards inspiring you with elements of IT tools and solutions that you can use to catapult your business to next level.

- innovate: We work with you to create customized solutions which often time turn into innovation and a candidate for your IP portfolio.

- implement: This is where we walk the walk – that is, all ideas take form of real solutions.

Our Vision


Build an organization with strong values, ethics, best-in class resources, a process-driven, customer-centric approach towards delivering in-principle and on-promise to our stakeholders.
And provide top quality services in the fields of Application Development, Open Source Customization, Business Consulting and Web Designing everything under one-roof.

As a committed team we shall strive for:
- Being a trustworthy, customer focused organization.
- An open and dynamic environment where everyone is listened, respected and encouraged to excel.
- Exploring opportunity for the growth of our customers and our organization.

Our Knowledge


Our extensive knowledge of your industry, gained over many years, has helped us design the best, most versatile software available. Because we understand your business and recognize the individual needs of each company, we can offer hardware and software solutions so flexible that, once installed, you’ll think we tailored the whole package specifically for your company. Our broad and diverse client base has responded to our strong and service-oriented organization with exceptional customer loyalty. We can proudly say that our very first client still enjoys the benefit of our solutions.